Internship Programme IEA

Our collaboration scheme should work:
  1. We offer collaboration schemes to young students interested in European affairs. The duration of the scheme will be decided on a case by case basis;
  2. Each collaborator receives a list of topics on which research needs to be made and articles written. Topics are selected by taking into account current hot European issues, but we are happy to receive suggestions from our collaborators as well;
  3. Once an article has been finalized by the collaborator, a review will be conducted by two of our Senior Researchers and suggestions made if applicable. Once the final text has been agreed it will be published in our website under the name of the collaborator. It is generally expected that each collaborator writes 2 articles per month;
  4. All work is conducted on a remote basis in order to enable students from different countries to collaborate with IEA. At the end of the collaboration scheme a certificate is awarded by IEA confirming that the collaborator has been working for the Institute as a Research Trainee;

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