Decálogo del ThinTank Institute for European Advancement

  • No Member State shall leave the European Union on any grounds, including reasons such as the inability to service its debt or due to interests pursued by any national political parties. There is no alternative to the European Project and it is necessary to continue deepening in the integration of the Member States.

  • The external borders of the European Union shall be protected in cooperation of all Member States through the European Armed Forces, which should have the necessary capabilities to act in international pace keeping missions, coalitions and other international military operations. The ultimate target will be implementing a common defense policy servicing European and not national interests.

  • The education in common European values should be the cultural foundation for a united Europe in the form of a federal state. Educative programs should be as homogenous as possible throughout the EU in order to achieve common educative standards .

  • A Fiscal Union shall be established on the basis of the principle of solidarity between Member States. Ambitious programs on economic development, industrialization and R&D should be established at a European level. One program is always better than twenty-seven.

  • Defense of European economic values and rejection of free trade with countries which do not comply with minimum standards on key areas such as labor rights, environment protection, access to markets, data protection, health, product/services security, etc…

  • A immigration system based on quotas which reflect the real needs of the European economy should be established. Preference for covering vacancies should be given to EU citizens willing to move within the EU in order to promote integration in the Union. Immigrants from outside the EU who can contribute with know-how and skills needed by the European economy will be more than welcome and all necessary economic means will be provided for their integration in our society, but at the same time effective measures will be established against non-regulated immigration to the EU. The ultimate goal is the protection of the labor rights of European workers.

  • Decision making at the European institutions should be based on accurate information and not on ideological grounds in order to make sure the interests of all stakeholders in the EU are taken into account. Pursuing the general good should be the goal of all institutions.

  • Zero tolerance with corruption. A European Agency with sufficient resources should be created for coordinating the fight against corruption at an EU level.

  • A culture of meritocracy should be promoted at all levels in the European Union. Productivity and efficiency should be the guiding principles of public institutions, which should be oriented to covering the needs of citizens.

  • The police bodies of the Member States should be united as much as possible and be totally coordinated through Europol in order to guarantee a common area of security and justice as a solid foundation for the Schengen Area. Reinforced cooperation between the police bodies of all member states shall be mandatory.

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